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Patient Information


Patient Information / Instructions

Instruction for Your Custom Orthosis

Guidelines and information for patients on the proper use and care of their personalized orthotic device.

New Amputees

Resources and support for individuals who have recently undergone amputation, offering guidance and assistance during the adjustment period.

Below Knee Ace Wrap

Step-by-step guide on applying an Ace wrap for below-knee support, aiding in comfort and stability.

PSRD – Polyethylene Semi-Rigid Removable Dressing

Information on the Polyethylene Semi-Rigid Removable Dressing, providing details on its purpose, usage, and how to properly use and remove it.

Airport Rules for Prosthetic Limbs or Braces

Essential information regarding airport regulations and guidelines for individuals traveling with prosthetic limbs or braces, ensuring a smooth airport experience.

Preparatory Prostheses Instructions – Care and Maintenace

Instructions and tips for caring for and maintaining preparatory prosthetic devices, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance.

Applying StumpSocks Over Shuttle Locking Pin Systems

Guidelines for properly applying StumpSocks over prosthetic shuttle locking pin systems, enhancing comfort and fit.

Donning Iceross Gel Insert

A guide for patients on how to put on Iceross Gel Inserts, providing comfort and support for prosthetic users.

AK Donning Iceross w/ Velcro Lanyard

Step-by-step instructions on donning an above-knee prosthetic with Iceross and Velcro Lanyard for secure attachment.

Your Empowered Life Awaits

Whether you’re new to orthotics and prosthetics or seeking a new care provider, we welcome the opportunity to assist you on your journey to living an empowered life. Your path to comfort, mobility, and a brighter tomorrow begins with us at Cornell Orthotics & Prosthetics.