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Upper Limb

Specialized Upper Limb Prosthetics Tailored to Your Needs

Our upper limb specialists at Cornell Orthotics & Prosthetics bring a depth of expertise to crafting prostheses for various levels of upper limb loss and limb differences, specifically addressing conditions at different anatomical points.

1. Meeting with Your Prosthetist

During your first meeting with the prosthetist, a personalized journey begins. They will delve into understanding your daily activities, listen to your aspirations, and then leverage their clinical expertise to craft the perfect prosthesis tailored to your unique needs.

3. Rehabilitation Path through Physical Therapy

Your physician, prosthetist, and/or physical therapist will collaborate to guide you in adapting to your prosthesis within your daily routines. As you become proficient in basic skills, you'll progress to more advanced activities like stair climbing, driving, and engaging in sports or hobbies.

2. Initial Prosthetic Experience

Once your residual limb has adequately healed, the fitting for your custom-made prosthesis takes place. Your prosthetist will measure and tailor the prosthesis to your specifications. In addition to fitting, you will receive guidance on donning, care, and maintenance of your prosthesis.

4. Sustaining Progress with Follow-Up Care

Continued care is pivotal as your limb evolves. Your prosthetist will make ongoing adjustments to your prosthesis, ensuring it remains aligned with your changing needs. Regular follow-up appointments, at least every six months, are crucial to address any emerging issues, particularly as your residual limb undergoes size fluctuations.

Upper Limb

At the Shoulder: Comprehensive Solutions for Upper Arm Amputations

For individuals facing upper arm amputations at the shoulder level, our specialists offer tailored prosthetic solutions to restore functionality and enhance overall quality of life.

Above the Elbow: Precision Prosthetics for Enhanced Functionality

When upper limb loss occurs above the elbow, our experienced team designs and customizes prostheses to provide optimal function, addressing the unique challenges associated with this level of limb loss.

Below the Elbow: Practical and Versatile Prosthetics

For those with limb loss below the elbow, our specialists create practical and versatile prosthetic solutions, prioritizing functionality and adaptability to daily activities.

Hand or Partial Hand: Fine-Tuned Prosthetics for Precision and Dexterity

Individuals facing hand or partial hand loss benefit from our specialists' expertise in crafting prostheses that prioritize precision and dexterity, allowing for a more natural and functional experience.

Collaborative Decision-Making for Personalized Care

Regardless of the upper limb type, our prosthetists collaborate closely with you and your care team. Through in-depth discussions, we ensure that the prosthetic options chosen align with your unique lifestyle, goals, and preferences.

Contact Us Early for Optimal Care

We encourage individuals facing upper limb challenges to reach out to us as early as possible. Timely contact allows us to provide optimal care, ensuring that your prosthetic journey is initiated with precision and efficiency.